Womb talk

Learning Starts right in the womb!

Abhimanyu, son of the great Arjuna, an extremly talented Mythological character who learnt the secrets of warfare while in mother’s womb might have some backing to it after recent studies on womb dynamics.

Latest evidence show that babies do listen and learn language skills right when they are in the womb.

Newborns pickup the sounds of their mother tongue while in uterus also. It has been widely believed that the baby learns mother’s language after birth. But advanced studies in this field have shed light on this subject.

Child specialists also confirm that newborns are no stranger to phonetics and learn from more than ligual skills when they are in the womb.

Positive Experience

A healthy foetus needs positive experiences from the mother. Pregnant mothers are advised to read and talk encouraging and positive statements to their babies. Parents who are positive and read a lot to the foetus have babies who reflect positive emotions too. Babies pick up a lot of cues before they are born.

Research in process has shown that babies are listening to their mothers voice particularly vowels for more than 10 weeks. Newborns have capacity to learn and remember primordial sounds from their mother and surroundings during last 10 weeks of pregnancy as this is the time when sensory and brain mechanisms for hearing are intact after a period of 30 weeks.

So it is considered effective to use devices which can impart knowledge to babies during this period when they are perceptive to outside stimulus. Various devices are available in the market which can impart sounds automatically to the baby and continuously. More details on the devices which can be used will be done in further articles. Happy reading!

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