Weight loss should not be the Primary Goal

Weight loss should not be the Primary Goal.

One of the fastestyear on year growth industries is The Weight loss industry. The increased awareness of weight management is also increasing Obesity rates at faster rates than thepeople can lose weight. Ironically, that leads to the question; What is going wrong?

Find your food allergies

Here we aim to address the gap in information apart from the regular din in media of Diet and Exercise Mantra.

Some of the hidden causes of Obesity

Inefficient Liver

Consumption of Processed foods for years clogs the liver and renders it very slow in performing its core functions of digestion and energy balance.

It’s important at this stage to Detoxify and clean the liver and allow it to perform its functions naturally.

Fruit Diet

One recommended methods would be going on Juice Diet where in the person goes on vegetable juices for 3 days- 6 days. Recommended vegetables for this are cabbage,carrots, broccoli, spinach, green beans cucumbers.

Craving for Refined foods

Identify food allergies and eliminate them. Undiagnosed food allergies make a person crave for processed foods like sugar, flour or yeast. These foods force the body to protect itself from digestive disorders from releasing chemicals like opioids that give a pleasurable feeling. Increased consumption of these foods leads to seeking of the same and unknowingly a person seeks of foods that make them euphoric.

To protect the body from these allergens the fat cells bloat up and act as buffers betweenthe ‘toxic’ chemicals and organs.

No amount of dieting will reduce the fat from the body.

Overfed/Undernourished feeling

Modern GM foods and other refined foods which are very poor in nutrition, unintentionally give you a filled feeling after consumption. Yet they lead to hunger at cellular level.

Consumption of super foods such as Alfalfa sprouts will satisfy your cellular hunger and leads to less consumption of foods. In turn you will eat leas and feel more satisfied without dieting.

Including ‘Superfoods’ in your diet and maintaining a clean liver are the most important factorgoverning weight loss and improving health dramatically.

Weight loss solutions must be taken holistically rather than an isolated solution for sustained results.

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  1. Before asking patients if they wish to discuss their weight, mention the health risks associated with overweight and obesity . Ask patients if you could talk with them about their general health, including weight.

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