Time of the day To have Best Sex

It is said that you relish the food the best when you are hungry. Similarly, when one is even partially satisfied, it becomes hard to maximize the enjoyment and be in the moment. Hence it is important that one knows when it is the right time for anything!

Circadian rhythm

Our body is regulated by a simple 24-hour time keeper who regulates your hormone levels, body temperature, blood flow in the body and even the level of bacteria in the gut.

As the sea tide system has both high tide and low tide, the levels of sea ebbs as per the cycle of the moon. Similarly, our body system has levels of hormones and other natural regulators as per the time of the day. Aligning our daily activities as per these flows will naturally enhance the experience one chooses to have. It will also boost long term health. The more we are aligned with this cycles, the better is our feeling of well-being.

Early morning: Right after waking up

When one wakes up in the morning, one is fresh to receive new experiences. The brain is fresh and ready to receive new inputs. With these new inputs it is also able to churn our new ideas and can get the body ready for new experiences.

Day 14 in your cycle

At Around 14 days in to your cycle, its generally found that the ovulation occurs. Subsequently your body would be craving more action. Having the egg fresh, would be the most opportune time.

Post Workout

Your body is refreshed after a workout. Blood is flowing all over your body and subsequently all the organs are very active. Its been found from research that blood flow to genital organs was more than 100% higher after a workout. Your body pumps hormones after an exercise and naturally your desire would be far higher after a sweat session.

Talk to your partner about these things and mutually decide what would be the most appropriate course of action considering above factors.

Happy Babies!

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