The 7 Minute Stress control workout

Work Stress

One of the least understood conditions in modern life is Stress. It is involved in every human activity. Any work which the person does without taking stress is considered Nirvana.  Professions which involve personal risk taking or those activities with constant pressure of deadlines are extremely stressful and take a toll on the doer and subsequently leads to various disorders.

On the personal front, when a person undergoes transition of emotional states, one experiences extreme stress. This has been found to cause extreme trauma and lead to unwanted thoughts in the person.First time pregnancy can be an excellent example of the same.

Feelings when concealed and with continuous exposure to the stress causing entity can cause pent up stress to increase to a phenomenal level. This leads to an outburst at opportune moments when such events are least expected.

Effects of Stress

Sleepless nights

Have youseen traders playing a high stakes game ever peaceful? They lose their night’s sleep thinking what may happen to the positions they have undertaken.

Poor digestion

Poor digestion is a leading cause of diseases in the human body. Good digestion allows the nutrients present in food to enter human body and provide beneficial elements for survival. Once digestion’s effectiveness decreases, so does the ability of the body to process nutirents essential for optimum survival.

A direct correlation can be found betweem levels of stress and heart disease, migraine and High blood pressure.

Stress control is very easy to achieive and can produce remarkable changes in physical and emotional well being of a person.

7 Minute Stress Control workout

Stress control workout sequence

This workout should be performed whenever you feel over tensed. One must work on the reflex areas as listed in the table below and as shown in the subsequent image.. First it must be performed on left hand and then the sequence must be repeated on right hand.

Coordinate the pressure with your breathing and visualize the parts of the body that you are stimulating.


  1. The solar plexus reflexes
  2. Pituitary gland reflexes
  3. Thyroid and Para thyroid gland reflexes
  4. Lung reflexes
  5. Kidney reflexes
  6. Spine reflexes

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