Success Highway Secrets

Success as a goal eludes many. One of the major problems facing people on this planet is to understand how to achieve the term success in the field chosen by them. Here we describe easiest and fastest way to success. Craziness follows these days for many to achieve and without proper guidance it only leads to misery.

Simple and easy pointers here will help you understand few but common steps followed by successful people in todays era.

Analysts all over the world are puzzled by the fact that thousands of books are publized each year on success yet it eludes many.

Ancient seers managed to recognize subtle yet firm factors which lead to success.

6 Finger Help Guide


Dress according to the occasion. Do not wear gaudy clothes if the situation does not demand it. A person promotes Favorable or Unfavorable impression by the dress she wears. Casual dress begets casual response.


Carry yourself with an air of responsibility. It should represent dignity and decorum in your movements.  Mike was well dressed for occasion but being drunk he blabbered around unlike a commander he wished he could be one day in the army. If one does behave like a clown, the response from people will also be reciprocal.

If you want decent treatment from people, you must act and behave decently. If you want to be a commander, you must start acting like one. If you wish for being a commander and act like a clown, the only place you are going to end up is in acircus.

When faced with rudeness act with kindness and firmness. Good manners take a person a really long way to success.


Positivity attracts positivity. Good speech invariably attracts people subconsciously. Usethe right words at the right place. Clear concise speech is a the hallmark of a person well versed with the subject. With shortening attention spans, people hese days have very less time to listen to your ramble. Do not try to convince a person against their will. It would be like climbing a mountain without any result.

Refuse to say anything which may be difficult for the opposite person to digest. Sugar coat the advise in such a way that the message is imparted without the person feeling bad and losing confidence.

It is said that its better to lose an argument than lose a friend. A word spoken is like an arrow released. Once released is like water let out from a dam. It cannot be retrieved back.


Prepare Prepare and Prepare. Over prepare for an event in your life. Know the intricacies of the subject more than your nearest competitor. Do your homework.Express briefly as the situation demands. Be result oriented in your preparation.

Successful people spend  more than four to five hours to prepare and refine a half hour speech.


The humbler you feel the higher you will climb towards success. Humility is like a feather in the cap of a successful person. This naturally attracts people rather than repelling them.


Be thankful always of the people around you and your achievements. A feeling of thankfulness fills the human body with a positive feeling which relieves the body of stress and prepares the body for future endeavors.

Success is a process rather than a event.

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