Stress Control For Pregnant Women

Stress is one of the least understood phenomenon in our life which governs all our activities. Modern professions especially involved with financial and high risk areas with ever looming sword of deadlines take the juice out of a modern working lady and more so when she is experiencing the joys of Pregnancy. Family relationships or heavily trout emotional relationships can also cause intense pressure which needs to be controlled.

Recent studies show direct relationship between stress and deteriorating health in our colleagues. Stress control can be achieved easily with some easy lifestyle changes and a few exercises which if done daily can result in remarkable changes in the emotional well-being of the people.

Stress control workouts must be performed whenever a pregnant mother feels tense. Working mothers who find it hard to go to the gym can adapt to acupressure which not only is easy to understand but also has location flexibility. In this article I will be listing all acupressure points on hands which can bring a vast positive change in the workings of the human body.

Pressure should be applied on the reflex areas as per the sequence listed below. It must be started with first reflex area on left hand and then following it with reflex area on the right hand. Please co-ordinate the pressure with your breathing and visualize the parts of the body that you are going g to stimulate.

The sequence that must be followed is

  1. Solar plexus reflexes
  2. Pituitary gland reflexes
  3. Thyroid gland and parathyroid gland reflexes
  4. Lung reflexes
  5. Kidney reflexes and
  6. Spine reflexes

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