Reverse Cavities Naturally

My journey into the unknown world away from dentists started when I woke up one day in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in my left lower tooth. The pain was so sharp that I just could not go back to sleep. I tried all sorts of paracetamol tablets which were supposed to be pain killers. The pain would not go away.

I started pacing around my room with unbearable pain constantly hitting alarms in my brain. With all this happening some quick thoughts ran through my mind. I was brushing regularly, morning after getting up, gargling after every meal, and cleaning my teeth after dinner. For oral hygiene I was employing mouth wash. Then why did the cavities appear again?

What is the missing block in the picture? Whom are we overlooking?


A tooth is designed so wonderfully. If our creator wanted it to be a just a crushing organ, then it would have made sense to put rocks inside or put slots to place grinding stones. Nature has done neither. It has made a beautiful organ which grows with age, has some of the most advanced sensor systems in the world to monitor and report to central control about the mouth status. Yet we look at teeth as simple organs where we treat cavities with simple drilling machines and composite fillings. Its time we look at teeth more deeply and broaden our medical scie

nce to include procedures to promote natural recovery.

Today we answer a simple question, which can help to prevent the formation of cavities.


“How can I rebuild my damaged enamel naturally ?


  1. Brush your teeth regulary : Food particles leftover in the teeth help breeding of bacteria which inturn help in the formation of cavities.
  2. Cut out Sugar from diet : Sugar is the evil which is plaguing our society. Sugary substances form acids which eat away the enamel and promote the formation of cavities.
  3. Reduce on Dairy Products : Dairy products have lactose present in them which increase acidity in the body. Avoid whenever possible.
  4. Consume Fruit juices in moderation. Some citric fruits like oranges can eat into the calclium present in the teeth. Consume moderately as they are rich sources of other vitamins and minerals.
  5. Use Fluoride toothpaste. : Fluoride toothpaste have a tendency to remineralize the enamel present in the teeth.


Over and above the natural methods explained here, detailed tooth rebuilding diets will be illustrated in following articles.

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