Personal and Social Development of Newborns

Personal and social development

By 1 month : the child intently watches her mother, when she talks to her.

6-8 weeks : She smiles back when anyone talks to her or smiles at her

3 months : she enjoys looking around and starts recognizing her mother.

6 months : she vocalizes and responds to her mirror image

6- 7 months of age: she child becomes anxious on meeting strangers

9 months : waves on bye-bye and repeats any performance which results in appreciation from others

1 year : she can understand simple questions like where is mother ?, where is your ball etc

18 months : she can follow simple orders and also indulges in domestic mimicry

2 years: can recognize and point out to familiar objects. The child also begins to count and identify colors

4 years : the child develops discrimination of left and right

5 years : the child can follow step commands, identify colors and also repeat four digits


It is widely considered that receptive ability and understanding is that which preceded expressive abilities. Child begins to vocalize with vowel sounds.

By 6 months, he starts using monosyllables and joins consonants to form bi-syllables.

9-months – child learns to imitate sounds derived from his native language.

1 year – she can pronounce one to two words with meaning

18 months – vocabulary of 8-10 words

2 years – vocabulary increases to around 100 words

3 years – the toddler asks questions and also knows his name

4 years – can even give an account of events

Vision and hearing

Normal vision and Hearing are of paramount importance for the child’s development

The maturity in visual and hearing pathways are displayed by specific visual and auditory behaviors


The best sensory stimulus to check is primary caretakers face.

After birth, the child can follow a moving object 10 inches away for an angle up to 45 deg

This goes up to 90deg by 4 weeks and 180 deg by 12 weeks.

At around 1 month,  the baby can concentrate on her mother as she speaks to her.

Binocular vision begins by around 6 weeks and is well established by 4 months.

By 6 Months, the child adjusts her body to follow objects of interest

By 1 year, can follow rapidly moving objects


By 4 months, the child turns her head towards the source of sound.

To check hearing, one can produce some sound 1.5 feet away from the ear and out of field of vision and a pattern of evolving hearing can be observed.

By 5-6 months, the child turns the head towards one side and downwards if the sound is made below the level of ears.

By 7 months, the child is able to localize sounds made above the level of ears.

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