Movies to Watch When You’re Expecting

Pregnancy may or may not be natural. It is one of the best experiences a couple has in a life. There’s a baby growing inside the lady. It helps to know what the mother is in for! Hollywood and other countries media houses can be a pregnants woman’s BFF. These are five movies to watch out for when you are pregnant;

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012)

The plot: hormone swings. Juggling work and pregnancy. Five very different couples all experience the highs and lows of pregnancy and starting a family.

What you’ll love: This rom-com isn’t just chock-full of A-list stars (Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez), it also has plenty of drama. Among the plot twists? A regimented author who’s overtaken by pregnancy hormones; a father and son who turn their wives’ pregnancies into a competition; professional rivals who must overcome their differences before the baby arrives; and a famous couple who’s desperately trying to balance fame and parenthood.

The takeout? Life and pregnancy are hardly predictable.

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Baby Mama (2008)

The plot: Kate a career woman with T-shaped uterus, hires Angie adead-broke surrogate with a relaxed set of morals, to carry her child. The plan is blown to smithereens when it’s revealed the Angie is indeed pregnant — but not with Kate’s baby.

What you’ll love: Watching Kate try to mold Angie into the model mom-to-be is totally relatable, but it’s Angie’s impressive audacity that delivers the most laughs.

The takeaway? You don’t have to be perfect to be a great mom.

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Waitress (2007)

The plot: Jenna is a small-town waitress in a bad marriage who wants nothing more than to make her delicious pies. When she finds out she’s pregnant with her husband’s baby, she plots an escape that promptly goes awry when she falls for her hunky ob-gyn.

What you’ll love: If the hysterical names of her creations will definetly get you laughing. Jenna’s  reaction to impending parenthood will satiate you. Yet even as she’s dragged into motherhood kicking and screaming, the sweet-and-sour mom-to-be still gives hope to those of us who are still a little freaked out about becoming a parent.

The takeaway? You don’t have to love pregnancy to be a fantastic mother.

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Knocked Up (2007)

The plot: A one-night stand between Alison (Katherine Heigl), an up-and-coming entertainment journalist, and Ben (Seth Rogen), a stoner slacker, results in — you guessed it — an unplanned pregnancy. Deciding to keep the baby is easy for Alison; figuring out whether Ben is ready to be a dad is much tougher.

What you’ll love: From morning sickness projectile vomiting to stressing out that your partner hasn’t read all the baby books yet to clinging to your birth plan, no part of pregnancy is left untouched.

The takeaway? When it comes to parenting, the best stuff happens off script.


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Maybe Baby (2000)

The plot: As this smart and funny British rom-com shows, TTC can be the most unromantic thing. This can be especially said when the lovemaking involves fertility rituals, sperm counts, and ovulation charts. Too professonial.

What you’ll love: If watching the lengths to which Sam (Hugh Laurie) and Lucy (Joely Richardson) go to have a baby doesn’t win you over, all the cool cameos will. Rowan Atkinson  as an  eager gynecologist, Emma Thompson flies in for a brief spot as a New Age witch and muse, and Joanna Lumley appears as a lesbian boss lady.

The takeaway? Sometimes the most natural desire in the world — to have a child — can feel very unnatural.

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