Know all about Home Pregnancy test and let the jOy flow!

Missing a Period ? Don’t be worried. It may be time to take a pregnancy test. Do you want to know what happens when your urine reacts with test? Keep reading to know more and get tips about getting accurate results from the the pregnancy test.

Are you experiencing any of the below symptoms?
  1. Nausea
  2. Missed Period
  3. Tender Breasts

Its time to take a simple low cost pregnancy test at home.

What does this test do?

It detects the presence of a hormone called hCG. HCG is produced by the body cells that will eventually develop into placenta. It enters into your blood stream when the egg is fertilized by sperm and looks to implant itself in the lining of the uterus.

Accuracy of Pregnancy test

As far as possible this test must be conducted by the person after she has missed a period. To ensure the accuracy ensure the guidelines are followed as given the paragraph below.

Test Guidelines

Now lets come to the situation where you actually do the test.

  1. Make sure the pregnancy test strips have not expired or in damaged condition.
  2. Read the directions on the box completely before attempting the test. Usually the procedure is a standard one. To cater to the unusual manufacturer, it is advisable to go through the instructions to ensure the strip is not wasted and the readings are accurate.
  3. Usually for some tests
    1. You directly pee into the stick
    2. Have a cup and pee into it
      1. Dip the stick into the cup and take reading
      2. Use the dropper provided to pour urine onto the stick.
    3. Ensure the test is done in the morning when the urine is most concentrated. This will ensure best results.
    4. When urine Is poured into the stick, antibodies present on the stick react with hCG and a reading is given.
    5. To prevent false negatives follow guidelines given below;
      1. You take the pregnancy test too soon
      2. You check the test as soon as you take it. Please wait for the time as mentioned in the test kit.
      3. Check if the urine is too diluted because of excessive water consumption.
    6. To prevent False Positives follow guidelines as given below;
      1. It can happen that the pregnancy is lost as soon as the fertilized egg is attached to your uterine lining.
      2. Check if the test kit is expired.
      3. Consumption of drugs containing hCG and taking test too soon after that.
    7. Make sure to repeat the test if you get a faint result and you are not sure if its accurate. Wait for a few days to take the pregnancy test again.


Happy Pregnancy!!!

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