Immunization in Ayurveda

(24th April) World Immunization Day

Immunisation is the best way to protect you and your family from diseases.Many diseases have been eradicated because of vaccination programs. This is the achievement of modern medicine. What about our ancient life science Ayurveda?? Is there is any reference of vaccination mentioned in ayurveda?? The answer is, Yes!


Prophylaxis means prevention of disease. Ayurveda gives a lot of  importance to prevention. Basically ayurveda is health promotive, preventive,curative and nutritive too.

Swasthyasya swastya rakshanam = to prolong life and to promote perfect life.

Atursya vikar prashamanam = to completely eradicate disease.

For living that kind of healthy life ayurveda has given some rules and regulations called as Swasthavrittam.

It has given different principles and methods for prophylaxis


  • Nidan parivarjanm = to avoid the known cause of diseases e.g drink pure clean water to avoid gastrointestinal diseases


2) Dinacharya i.e diet and regimen for day time

3) Ratricharya = diet and regimen for night time

4) Ritucharya  = season wise changes in diet and regimen

5) Viruddha ahar =ayurveda prohibits combination of contradictory foods on the basis of their qualities (virya) avoid incompatible food,  Viruddha virya ahar.

6) Shodhan kriya = Specific Shodhan kriya During specific season e.g Basti in Varsha rutu , Vaman in Vasant rutu, Virechan in Sharad  Rutu.


Knowing these basic principles will go a long way in improving our life!

Dr. Neha K

Aparajita Ayurveda

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