Get Pregnant with help of Ayurveda Now!

Going Ayurvedic way dramatically increases chances of conception with least chances of side effects. Most people seek help through routine medicine.

Routine a.k.a conventional allopathic medicine fails to address minute environmental concerns which affects the complex conception chances. Odds are heavily stacked against for natural fertilization of egg by the sperm. Adding to that, the unnatural environmental conditions present inside the female dramatically lowers the probability of a win.

Ayurvedic treatment for infertility has four aspects. This can be akin to nurturing a seed into a plant. In plants the season needs to be appropriate with fertile land to begin with. Then the soil must be sufficiently irrigated and given proper fertilizer before Seeds are sown. The quality of seed sown in the soil plays a major role in the kind of plant that comes out of the soil. All these factors together play an important role in the successful formation of a healthy plant.

Similar to the plant, in human beings Proper ovulation and menstrual cycle with a healthy uterus is a prerequisite. Sufficient nutrition of couple ensures the environment is conduit for conception. This also directly affects the quality of sperm and ovum.
Steps must be taken to ensure the woman ovulates properly and the man’s sperm count and production is adequate.

According to Ayurveda the well-being of the person is an integration of
1. A normal digestive system
2. A normal functioning excretory system (how will throw out all that trash from your body?)
3. A sense balance with internal calmness
4. Body-Mind-Soul integration
5. Balance of Doshas(Vatta, Pitta, Kapha)

Ayurveda offers treatment to the couple seeking conception. It helps in removal of toxins and restore equilibrium to initiate conception.

Roadblocks to Conception

Lack of emotional connect
Forced sex with your partner whom you do not like or are not emotionally attached can reduce the probability drastically. On other hand, overindulgence can also lead to impotency.
Ensure both the partners are in mood for sex and desire for conception.

Reproductive Organs health

In case of men, the sperms are responsible for conception. They must be in good shape for travelling inside the female and fertilizing the egg. Lack of proper nutrition, poor digestive condition can improvish the organs and produce substandard result.

Irregular diet

Diet by far, is the most important factor in increasing the chances of fertility.
Pitta increasing foods destroys semen. Spicy and salty foods are also a strict no-no.
Preservatives rich foods must be avoided during this period.


Any attack on reproductive tissue can lead to damage of these organs. Infertility can also be caused due to trauma faced by organs rendering them incapable. People could also be impotent by birth.

Steps for treatment by Ayurveda would be following this article.

Comments are always appreciated. Please do share some tips for aspiring mothers.

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