Four Essentials of Fertility from Ancient Ayurvedic Science

Conception, the dream seen by many couples. Ayurveda says there are four essential factors for fertility that must come together for the perfect baby. The ancient science has described the factors as;

  1. Timing
  2. Field
  3. Fluid & Nutrition
  4. Seed


From ancient times it has been observed that the nature is most fertile during spring. Trees are blooming; the freshness of spring replaces the aridness of winter. Before we decide the season when conception must occur, the couple must decide if they are mentally and physically ready to bring another life to this planet.  Once the mind is made up, the female’s menstrual cycle is primarily followed to calculate when the ovulation occurs.

Financial stress with other responsibilities and any other instability can be extremely taxing on the couple. Fall season is usually not preferred over spring season for obvious reasons stated above.

It must also be ascertained that the female is having regular, healthy menstrual cycles. That would strongly indicate that the ovulation cycles are proper.

It has been observed that females undergoing stressful work periods tend to have missed menstrual cycles which can hamper the efforts taken by the couple.

Timing plays an important and major role for Proper conception.



In simple terms, Field can be defined as the place in which the pregnancy grows. A healthy body supports a healthy and fertile land. Polycystic Ovarian syndrome (PCOS), a condition found in the 20th Century, mainly from Sugar in the blood, contributes on a significant scale to the case of absent ovulation.

Diet free from toxins plays a major role in formation of a healthy field. Toxins prevent the formation of seed and delay the conception. Uterus with a clear passage and proper shape of the cavity in comparison to Uterus with fibroids or improper shape can greatly hamper the chances of conception.


Diet with Nutritious Fluids

Strong blood condition with proper balance of minerals enables the body to be ready for conception. Proper nutrition with a well-balanced and planned diet can nourish the male and female alike and improve the vitality and immunity of the person.

Irregular menstrual cycles are a strong indicator for uncontrolled hormones ratios. The lady must take care that the hormones stay in proportion by taking proper supplements. A Gynecologist must be visited if one does not understand the intricacies involved in the place.



Egg and Sperm forms the seeds for fertility. The last tissue formed in our body which is most refined and complete in all aspects. The seeds are an amalgamation of the thoughts, emotions and food we digest. So the internal non-tangible factors form a major force behind efficient conception. So perfection here requires the best food, the best thoughts and the best environment.  Women need to maintain a healthy environment for protecting the quality of eggs. Fully mature sperm are produced every two months on an average.

Age till 35 years form the ideal range wherein the fertility has maximum probability. Tobacco use is strictly prohibited. Alcohol use and Drug abuse must be severely curtailed for increasing chances of fertility.

The couple must try to live in a fresh forest environment or at least try and maintain healthy surroundings which can greatly improve the chances.

Ayurveda mentions that once it’s decided by couple to try and conceive, they generally need to go through a six month cleansing process. In this process, all the four elements are addressed. After the 3 month cleansing period is over, the rejuvenation period starts where body optimizes itself for perfect conception state.


Happy Babies..!

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