Fine Motor Development

Key factors which must be looked into are fine manipulation skills and coordination of muscles with age.

Hand eye coordination

Hand regard : In the period between 12 and 20 weeks, the child observes her hand very intently. This Phenomenon must cease to exist after 20 weeks as after that it is considered abnormal.

3-4 months the hands of the child come together in the centerline as she plays.

The grasp of the child can be best assessed by offering a bright colored cube preferable red to the child. A half year old child reaches out and holds the cube using her hand. Transfer to other hand starts at around 7 months.

1 year mature grasp using index finger and thumb is quite evident.

To assess finer hand skills, smaller objects are offered to the child.

Hand to mouth Coordination

6 months Around this time ability to chew develops, the child can take a  chocolate and chew. She tends to put all the objects in her mouth.

1 year the tendency to put everything in mouth reduces.

1 year 3 months the child can pick up a cup and drink from it without much spiiling on the ground.

18 months the child can feed himself well from a spoon

Advanced hand skills

The child can use her own hands to perform finer activities.

15 months the child can turn 2-3 pages of the book and also scribble on paper if given a pencil.

18 months the child can build a tower of cubes.

2 years the child can unscrew lids and turn door knobs and his block skills also advance.

It has been observed that general copying skill comes 6 months after imitating of the skills come in. ( doing it while seeing)


Child learning to button his own shirt.

18 to 30 months the children are very eager to learn dressing skills.

1 year The child starts to pull off mittens, caps and socks.

18 months the child can unzip and fumbles with buttons.

2 years the child can put on shoes or socks and can undress completely

3 years the child can dress and undress fully

5 years the child can tie her shoe laces as well


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