Fertility Apps and Technology to Assist Moms

Millenials are focusing so strongly on their careers during their 20s that they forget that it is nearly 10 times harder for someone to get pregnant than in their 30s than in late twenties. These couples are go to face tremendous hardships while trying to get pregnant. They then resort to expensive infertility treatments. This is where app can be helpful to the Mother.

One can imagine the disappointing feeling for couples who are trying hard to get pregnant but hardly achieve success. To help these couples, app developers have come up with apps like Ava which is one of the most widely used fertility technologies in use today.

Why Apps like Ava?

The technology works like a fitness watch that is worn by the person around the clock. With this watch and app, the couple will be able to calculate and see which days the prospective mother is most fertile.

Having fertility issues is more common now than before. Previously it was assumed for women that they need to take perfect position to conceive. But alas, that is one of the factors to achieve successful pregnancy. An app which illustrates these factors and helps the prospective mother all along the way becomes a great addition to the war material.

Apps like Ava are filling a gap which were filled before from uncomfortable visits to the doctors office. Now couples will feel more comfortable towards a more private approach to addressing these problems.

There is just about nothing more disappointing for couples than trying to get pregnant to no avail. This is a feeling that far too many couples have had to deal with. New app developers are finally taking advantage of the technologies that are available to hopeful parents. Ava is one of the most widely used fertility technologies on the market today. This technology works like a fitness watch that you wear around the clock. With this watch and the app provided, couples will be able to see which days a prospective mother is most fertile.

Fertility technology is the need of the hour and technology is going to improve by the hour for bringing happiness to the couples!

Smart period Fertility Monitor can be purchased from Amazon from here. (https://amzn.to/2QumDvE )

You can download Ava on Google play from here. (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avawomen.com.ava_android.production&hl=en)

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