7 minutes Tone Up Workout

Physical fitness is of paramount importance in todays age. Mental health is the governing factor when people interact with each other in todays workplace. If you have good health you can easily enjoy the wealth and you can also gain wealth and fitness along with the same. Poor health is the precursor to the downfall of the person.

People who are not fit get tired more often and reflects poorly in lifestyle scores. They succumb more frequently to colds and flu for periods which are longer than the normal individuals. Those who stay in shape, also are in shape to receive larger payouts at work.

These days its only too common of people to give excuses for not staying or attempt to stay fit. People in sedentary jobs too often say they are too tired and don’t have time to exercise.

Physical benefits of exercise

  1. Good Muscles
  2. Good Stamina
  3. Good figure
  4. Good co-ordination
  5. Increased efficiency at work at personal life
  6. Good Sex life
  7. Reduced stress indicators
  8. Heightened alertness

7 Minute tone Up workout

Work hard to tone up!

To Improve the incidences of fitness at work, 7-minute Tone up workout is an ideal solution.

It helps in stimulating the skeletal structure, the governing muscles, and works on rejuvenating major joints in the body. Life feels much better in a healthy, alert and comfortable body.

To begin with the first reflex area listed below, start with the left hand, after that move on to the right hand. Alternate between the left and right hand reflexes in the order listed below. Co-ordinate the pressure with your breathing and visualize the body parts you will be stimulating in the exercise.

The Order Sequence

  1. Solar plexus Reflexes
  2. Adrenal Gland Reflexes
  3. Arm and shoulder reflexes
  4. Spine Reflexes
  5. Hip, thigh and leg reflexes
  6. Sciatic Nerve reflexes

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