4 Best Sex Positions for Conceiving a Baby

A couple tried to get pregnant but had difficulty in success. They overlooked essential yet simple ways where they could maximize their probability to conceive. Of all those essentials, they positions the couple has sex greatly influence the outcome. Needless to say, some things need to  be kept in mind

  1. Have regular and frequent sex coinciding with the ovulation cycles
  2. Try to have an orgasm because the contractions in the uterus helps the sperm to reach the destination faster.
  3. Learn about the best sex positions that help in deeper penetration

The positions that work !

  1. Missionary

In this position , the female lies on her back with the man on the top. The man has better chances of deeper penetration. Placing a pillow below your hips also helps the sperm travel deeper in cervix faster.

You can read about in detail here.


  1. Doggy Style

Men love this position and it’s great for conception. This position opens the cervix more than other positions and helps in improving penetration.

You can read more about doing doggy style right here. http://www.thehealthsite.com/sexual-health/top-sex-positions-rear-entry-or-doggy-style

  1. Anvil

Its similar to missionary. In this position, the woman is lying down and the man is above. The only variation here is that the lady raises her legs above her head and man penetrating her subsequently. The advantages of this position is such that it helps in deep penetration and also helps in hitting the G Spot.

You can read more about it here.

  1. Magic Mountain.

Another variant of Doggy Style. With the man bending over you. The back is against his chest. The lady bends over at the waist and uses pillows beneath to increase the bend in the waist helping to increase the tilt angle. The advantages of the pillios is such that it helps in hitting the G spot. Clitoris has extensive stimulation in this pose and is excellent for conception.

All you wanted to know about Magic Mountain can be seen here.

Some of the favourite mens postions can be seen here.

To conclude, the lady can place some pillows below your lower back which can help to keep the sperms longer and prevent them from flowing out. There are a large amount of sperms in a single ejaculation. Lying stationary for a small duration can also improve the chances of impregnation.



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